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RUDRAKSH MALA GOLD PLEATED NECK MALA  has been worn by saints and yogis since ancient Vedic times for its profound spiritual significance and powerful healing properties.

Rudraksh Mala, Meaning and Legends

In Sanskrit language, Rudra is another name of Lord Shiva and Ksh means "teardrop", hence Rudraksha can be translated as "tear of Shiva". According to the Vedic scriptures, Shiva once went into intense meditation for the good of all living beings. When he woke up, the tear drops fell from his eyes upon feeling the grief of the living beings. Upon reaching Earth, these tears took the form of seeds that sprouted into Rudraksh trees (Allocarpus ganitrus). The dried seeds of this tree make a garland of the sacred Rudraksha.

Why is Mala used for meditation?

All meditators, saints and sages dedicate themselves to chanting mantras. In the regular practice of chanting meditation use Rudraksha Mala which acts as a meditation aid. Malas actually help you focus on the mantra you are chanting, so it keeps the mind focused and gets your attention attracted to the sound of the mantra. In this way, you will be able to enter a deep meditative state

What is chanting meditation?

The Sanskrit word japa means "to chant the mantra again and again", but it also means "meditating on the object of divinity". The garland is used as a spiritual garland for chanting on its rosary while chanting meditation.

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