Mahamantra Locket With Radha Krishna Dieties

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Tulsi mala advantage--

Tulsi Mala Benefits-

Putting Tulsi Mala in the neck increases the life force. It does not let bad thoughts come in your mind.

Chanting on Tulsi Mala and wearing it in the neck prevents the necessary acupressure points, which reduces mental stress,

Tulsi neck and neck disease makes the body clean, free of rashes and skin is not infectious.

For spiritual and physical importance, tulsi wood is worn by touching the neck around the neck. It also helps in making fate. Tulsi face enhances glow and lenses touch the heart to provide divine sensation.

The importance

The name of Tulsi is also "Vrinda",  divine electrical power

Tulsi directly affects the body's electrical structure. The power of electric power increases in the body by holding it. Because of the strong power, the magnetic field exists around the holder. Therefore, there is a tradition of wearing Tulsi Mala in the neck, centuries of wear.

In the time of Vaishnava initiation followers of Hindu religion, Tulsi's Mala are provided for their spiritual initiation with physical initiation. Which is worshiped as god by God Himself, or monotheistic God.

Due to having Tulsi Lord Krishna as the most beloved, Tulsi Mala, who is wearing the Tulsi Mala, also keeps Lord Krishna in his heart.

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