Linda GiresiniLinda Giresini
11:13 01 Sep 22
Great Tulsi mala quality. Fully satisfied. The owner is a very kind person, I have appreciated his attitude and availability. Absolutely suggested 🙏🏻
17:15 26 Aug 22
Amazing Craftsmanship with 100% authenticity.. Team is very much cooperating.. They deliver what exactly we need & ask.. Thank You.. I'm truly grateful 😍
Adv.Gajendra MishraAdv.Gajendra Mishra
19:33 12 Aug 22
There are garlands of pure Tulsi and the seller is very kind and good person, he provides the right item at the right time, thank you very much.🙏🙏🙏🙏🌹
16:15 08 Aug 22
Fantastic product quality. Very very satisfied with the tulsi maala, which is 100% original. Would only request them to be a little more active on WhatsApp. May the blessings of Radharani flourish in your life. Radhe Radhe 🙏
Shantanu TiwariShantanu Tiwari
11:52 27 Apr 22
Their quality is amazing at an affordable price. The customer service is also amazing, they are always reachable. Best place to get custom made tulsi Mala.

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Benefits Of Tulsi Mala

The use of Tulsi beads is thought to purify a person’s mind, body, and spirit. It emits positive vibrations in a person’s aura and aids in the removal of all bad energy. Wearing a Tulsi mala improves concentration and helps the wearer overcome health issues.

Tulsi mala japa rules

Tulsi mala japa rulesTulsi is one of the most sacred plants in Hinduism. Personified as Goddess Tulsi, she is worshiped as a deity.People grow Tulsi plants in their homes and women offer prayers to her early morning.

Why should we wear tulsi ki mala(necklace of tulsi wood)

Tulsi is one of the best plant for health and spiritual need, Lord Vishnu and Krishna Gave all Blessing to the one plant which is tulsi. Without Tulsi Every Spiritual occasion is incomplete Because God loves Tulsi & the devotees who worships Tulsi or worship with Tulsi.