Ram Nam mantra Mala



WOOD MAKE HAREKRISHNA MAHA MANTRA NAME LOCKET NECK MALA . Made in Vrindavan by Each and every one of these HareKrishna Mahamantra Name Locket Mala is a work of art. They will vary slightly in size, color and design.

HareKrishna Mahamantra Name Locket 16 Locket ,19″inches long Tulsi Locket Mala … Both hang 19″ inches long from end to end, plus Locket

If one is a devotee of Lord Krishna or Lord Vishnu, one should wear Tulsi neck beads. Tulsi neck beads are for protection. At the time of death, if one forgets to chant the holy names for whatever reason. If one is wearing Tulsi Mala around his neck, the Superintendents of Death, (Yamadutas) can not touch that soul. They see the Tulsi neck beads and run. They know this is Lord Vishnu’s devotee. Tulsi Devi will protect the devotee from all past sin. Tulsi neck beads are a symbol of being a Vaisnava devotee of the Lord. They are pure, beautiful and natural. Make sure your whole family is wearing them. Keep extras on hand in case they break. Never be without them!

We claim on our website that we make all MALA from TULSI WOOD


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